Hear from past students

‘I didn’t have particular expectations going into the course but I would say that the course was awesome it blew whatever I had in my mind it was going to be out of the water. The workshops were awesome. They just made everything so easy for me.’

Senior Software Engineer

‘I’d stepped into the Product Manager role for Kafka with no prior knowledge of Kafka. Going through the course provided me with a very helpful overview and insight into what Kafka is and how customers would use it.’

Product Manager

‘Cassandra seems a powerful, yet difficult technology and being guided away from land mines is worth the price of admission.’

Senior Software Engineer

‘This course helped me to understand Kafka concepts both theoretically as well as practically. Very nice course content.’

Graduate TechOps Engineer

‘The video led instructions and lab exercises were well equipped to gain expertise in Apache Kafka.’

TechOps Engineer

‘This course has helped us to gain a better understanding of Kafka. Moreover, it helped us understand the problems we face in our daily work.’

Graduate TechOps Engineer

‘I really liked the course and it helped me to gain a better understanding of Cassandra in general.’

Graduate Software Engineer

‘Lewis and Justin were always available to answer questions or accept feedback offline. They did a great job with the class, staying on topic and being mindful of everyone’s time.’

Software Reliability Engineer

‘This course is outstanding and enough as it covers all required basic aspects, also tools like reaper, plus the best practices, how to monitor systems, useful suggested thresholds from the sophisticated instructor and easy-to-follow labs, this is all I need and had been long for. Thanks heaps!

Technical Operations Engineer

‘I found the material covered was solid and would recommend the course to others learning Cassandra.’

Senior SRE

‘As a Kafka beginner, the course was very helpful’

Solutions Engineer

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