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Promoting Innovation, Building Partnerships: OpenSI aims to lead as Australia’s primary non-profit supporting Open Source Technologies (OST) in research, development, education, and implementation. Our vision is for open-source solutions to drive significant changes, foster collaboration, and empower individuals to shape a digital landscape that’s sustainable and inclusive.

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Innovation through…

Deep learning

OpenSI provides a platform for deep research and advancement of open source technologies.

Industry collaboration

We foster industry and research collaboration to accelerate open source technologies.

Promoting innovation

We promote innovation using open source technologies.

Introducing our

Research philosophy

OpenSI is building a research philosophy derived from the unique partnership that has developed between UC and Instaclustr.

Our philosophy is founded on the practical pathways embedded within UC’s culture, and Instaclustr’s open source mindset and collaborative approach.

Our approach   


Open and collaborative

Building solutions to real problems in an open and collaborative way, one that brings the crowds and benefits of open source and collective to the table.


Embedded Problem Solving

Solving big existential problems with open source philosophy and collaboration at our core. Embedding dedicated researchers into commercial environments that are thriving on solving real world problems.


Building a legacy

Discovering the next generation of open source technologies through deep research and to advancing through collaboration and promotion. Successful projects will be donated and transferred to open source communities and collaborations to enable ongoing development and improvement.

Our partners

As a not-for-profit institute, OpenSI is on a mission to revolutionize digital transformation through open-source solutions. We’re seeking financial support to launch the OpenSI grant program, empowering PhD candidates to tackle real-world challenges and drive impactful change. Your contribution can make a tangible difference in shaping the future of technology. Get involved today and be a catalyst for innovation with OpenSI.

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