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The purpose of an OpenSI Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) is to provide independent, external advice to OpenSI on the goal to become an innovation hub for the capital and surrounding region, as well as a national and international leader in open-source technology. It also provides guidance on how OpenSI might address emerging challenges and opportunities along the growth journey, the appropriateness of its pathways to impact, and on broader strategic issues relevant to the sectors in which OpenSI operates.

Associate Professor Carlos Kuhn, PhD, AFHEA

Dr. Carlos Kuhn, Research Chair in Open Source Technologies at the University of Canberra, is instrumental in driving the vision and strategic direction of the OpenSI initiative. As a key stakeholder in shaping the ACT Quantum Hub, he plays a crucial role in guiding strategic decisions to foster collaboration and innovation within the quantum technology sector. In academia, his research encompasses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Machine Learning, showcasing his extensive expertise in these cutting-edge fields. Dr. Kuhn is also a fervent advocate for open-source initiatives, promoting collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. His active involvement with the Quantum Open Source Foundation underscores his dedication to mentoring aspiring researchers in quantum computing and AI, reflecting his unwavering commitment to technological advancement and the dissemination of open knowledge. Through these efforts, Dr. Kuhn significantly contributes to the development of a sustainable and inclusive digital future.

Adjunct Professor George Hlaing MBA (UWA) and MPA (Harvard Candidate)

George Hlaing is the Managing Partner providing advisory services covering strategy, policy, cyber security, and architecture. He has over 20 years of experience in business technology transformation, spanning across public and private sectors in the Asia Pacific.

He is currently completing his Master in Public Administration (MPA) at Harvard University and holds a Public Leadership Credential (PLC) with Distinction from Harvard Kennedy School, a Stanford Certified Project Manager credential with Distinction, and an MBA with DUX in Strategic Management from The University of Western Australia.

Beyond his professional pursuits, George is deeply committed to societal contributions and Public-Private Partnerships including academic institutions. He presently holds roles as:

  • Chair of the Asia Pacific Event Advisory Committee for the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2),
  • Board member, Government Engagement for the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Canberra Chapter, and
  • Honorary Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra.

Mr Eric Nguyen, M.BIS (ANU)

Eric Nguyen is a leader in management consulting, specialising in using emerging technology to improve processes and engage people in large organisations, including Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, and federal agencies. His career covers strategy, planning, delivery, and operation of Enterprise Automation, Cyber Security Operations, and AI in the telecom, finance, HR, and ICT sectors.

In addition to his professional work, Eric is active in the AI community. Since 2018, he has been a speaker, organiser, and AI award judge at various forums on AI, Digital Transformation, and Intelligent Automation in Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. These events attract executives from industries like Public Sector, Banking & Finance, Health, Mining, Utilities, and Manufacturing.

Eric is committed to giving back to the community by sharing knowledge and opportunities both locally and globally. He currently serves as:

  • Committee member of the Australian Computer Society – Canberra branch
  • Responsible AI Assessor (Candidate) at IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Gartner Peer Ambassador (IT) at Gartner
  • Ambassador for the Service Automation Framework Alliance

Mr Steven Duong, BComm

Steven Duong is the Head of Sales for Adfinis Australia, an international open source service provider. Steven has worked in the technology industry for the past 15 years, developing and executing go-to-market strategies in ANZ, Europe and the Middle East, helping to grow and scale businesses in these markets. 

As an internationally experienced and well-traveled senior manager, Steven understands the market and customer expectations. In his current role, Steve is responsible for implementing the sales strategy and supporting Adfinis’ international growth and networking in the APAC region. In doing so, he consistently focuses on the company’s open source orientation and innovation.

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